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    Everywhere in the world, a community is important for the growth and development of any economy and civilisation. The well-being of the community contributes to a happy, healthy and cleaner world in the grand scheme of things.

    Like any country around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic in the last 5 months has left a harsh reality where some in the community have lost their income to care and nurture their loved ones, especially hitting hard in the B40 group where they make up the bottom 40% of the income group in Malaysia. Restricted movement conditions to halt the spread of the virus have brought many to a stop.

    The impact of a stationary economy has also left some welfare centres without consistent dependable income to sustain the living costs of maintaining these facilities as in some cases, generous purse strings donors of before might have tighten in reaction or adversely affected themselves by the pandemic. From young kids in orphanages to senior citizens in care homes and those mentally challenged, many welfare centres have been working around the clock to secure as much funding and essentials are available to ensure that disruption to those vulnerable are minimised.

    As a happy, healthy and cleaner living is a core value that MEIKO lives up to, we at MEIKO Clean Solutions (SEA) recognizes the need to mobilise any efforts possible to help the community and have initiated together with Food Aid Foundation a community social responsibility activity to assist communities in Malaysia that have been impacted by the pandemic.

    Food Aid Foundation is a non-profit governmental organization (NGO) that is a ‘Food Bank’ where manufacturers, distributors, wholesaler, retailers, companies or people can  donate their unused or unwanted foods which will then be collected and distributed to charitable/welfare homes, volunteer welfare organisation, refugees community, poor families, destitute and soup kitchen. 

    Together with Food Aid’s team, we started the day bright and early at Food Aid’s office in Bandar Tun Cheras in KL on the 5th of June with our first activity – packing food bags for distribution. Contributing 100 bags for the day, essentials such as rice, flour, dried/instant noodles, canned food, beverages, biscuits were packed and would ideally serve up to 7 meals per bag, making up 700 meals in total.

    Food Aid’s guide in ensuring that the right essentials are packed and provided for made sure that contributions were channeled and maximised to help as many as possible affected. With the experience and knowledge of the foundation, the distribution of these food bags were properly targeted to help those in need, in some cases well hidden from the front liners. 

    Founder of Food Aid Foundation, Rick Chee applauds and thank the team as he shares, “Alone we can do so much, together we can do a lot. Thank you MEIKO for your kind donation, the energy, love, empathy and compassion in making a difference in the life of others. The true measure of a person is how they treat those that can do absolutely nothing to gain from them."

    Managing Director of MEIKO Clean Solutions (SEA) Sdn. Bhd. Rudolf Kitzbichler is proud of the effort and expresses his gratitude to both his team members and also the help by Food Aid - “Taking the first step is crucial and we thank Food Aid for the opportunity of letting MEIKO SEA play a part in helping the community around us. Their guidance and help to navigate these important efforts efficiently is a proud achievement for every member in MEIKO Sea. Kudos also to our members for their effort and stepping up as a team as we look forward to future activities”.

    MEIKO Clean Solutions (SEA) Sdn Bhd have started operations since 2013 and continue to support their customers in the hospitality businesses with products, services and support in areas of hygiene and sanitisation for each respective industry as the country moves into the Recovery Movement Control Order.