The clean solution

    MEIKO M-iQ BlueFire flight type dishwashing machine

    The single-machine solution for dishes, cutlery and trays

    Staff using the M-iQ BlueFire flight type dishwashing machine from MEIKO

    More tracks,
    higher throughput

    M-iQ BlueFire combines the best of several machines into one unique system. As well as providing separate washware tracks for dishes, trays and cutlery, it also sorts and conveys trays automatically in an upright position. Its list of features goes on and on, yet it still packs everything into a superbly compact design. So you get the space you need to create an ergonomic and efficient dishwashing area.

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    An ingenious tray infeed to keep things hygienic

    Trays are automatically conveyed into the machine in an upright position. This ensures they get the two minutes of contact time required by DIN standards. So you benefit from a combination of high throughput and reliable, standard-compliant hygiene. Fast and fully automatic, this system gets up to 25 trays a minute hygienically clean and ready for use!

    A cutlery lifting magnet with the power of attraction

    All cutlery is automatically conveyed onto the cutlery track by a powerful magnet. The important thing here is to demagnetise it immediately afterwards. That way we ensure that items don't stick together – and that everything comes out hygienically clean.

    The right conveying technology for your machine and your kitchen

    Every dishwashing area is unique, so flexibility is key. Well-planned conveying technology will ensure you stay agile in the future. With the right design, it can cover several floors and easily cope with tight corners and long distances.

    Aufgabestation mit Abwurfschächten
    Fully integrated infeed station with disposal chutes available on request

    Our food waste disposal systems are sustainable, ergonomic and easy to use. When people leave food on their plates, you need a simple but efficient solution. All the leftovers can be thrown straight into the infeed station, which is located at the point where the waste is produced. Sorted!
    We take care of transporting the waste, grinding it up and storing it in a non-refrigerated system without any nasty smells.

    alle Tabletts automatisch gestapelt
    Fully automatic from start to finish

    At the end of the wash cycle, the trays are automatically stacked and are immediately ready for use. Cutlery is automatically collected by the machine in a separate track.
    What comes out the other end is clean, hygienic and – just as importantly – dry!

    Gold medal for warewashing technology


    The panel of kitchen specialists at the KÜCHE BEST PRODUCT AWARDS selected the M-iQ BlueFire 2022 to win the gold medal. This respected prize is awarded each year by representatives of Germany's expert chef community to recognise excellent products in 23 categories.

    What our customers say

    The state-of-the-art dishwashing area at University Hospital Erlangen is an impressive sight. The hospital's previous flight type dishwashing machine worked around the clock for 20 years – an impressive feat, but not unusual for a MEIKO machine! Technology and society as a whole saw huge changes over that machine's lifetime. It's much harder to find kitchen staff in Erlangen nowadays, especially for a job that involves cramped conditions and mountains of dishware at peak times. So the hospital knew its new machine would need to be as automated and compact as possible, but also efficient enough to reduce operating costs. That's a tall order, but the M-iQ Bluefire proved to be the perfect solution! Sabine Wrobel, Head of Food Supply, is delighted with the results: " I basically have two machines in one!" This new MEIKO flagship system takes up less space while managing to reduce staff costs by around 30 percent and using fewer resources than its predecessor. All in all, it's been a fantastic success. Check out the video below to see for yourself!

    Keeping it in the family

    The M-iQ BlueFire is proud to be part of the M-iQ family. That's because it offers the same advantages as all the other machines in our multi-award winning M-iQ range:

    • Energy concept
    • M-iQ filter
    • Self-cleaning feature
    • AirConcept
    • AirStream drying
    • GiO technology

    and much, much more.

    See the MEIKO M-iQ BlueFire in action.

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