The clean solution

    The MEIKO hygiene concept

    Our approach to hygiene is holistic. The right technology is simply not enough to achieve a reliable hygienic cleaning result.

    Everything from a single source: we will support you at every stage – from planning services through machine installation and maintenance and beyond to staff induction and training – ensuring that you never have to compromise on hygiene.


    The 5 pillars of the MEIKO hygiene concept

    You look after your business – and can rely on us to look after matters of hygiene. We can offer you a complete package with our products, services and customer care.

    • For worry-free washing, cleaning and disinfection
    • For safer operations
    • For maximum possible personal protection – guests, patients, residents, employees
    MEIKO technology

    ... which, as well as reliably removing dirt, combines washing machines, chemicals and temperatures to eliminate germs – confirmed by expert opinions (click here to go to the list of expert opinions).

    Would you like to know more about why MEIKO technology is so reliable in matters of hygiene?
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    MEIKO chemicals,

    ... with dosage and composition carefully selected to provide a perfect match for MEIKO technology and the washware – so crucial to our ability to deliver a hygienic cleaning result.

    Everything from a single source: in addition to the combined know-how of machinery and chemicals, you also benefit from maintenance and repair services – thanks to regular maintenance of dosing units, rapid response times and enhanced support services in an emergency in the form of local service networks and authorised technicians.

    MEIKO Academy,

    ... training MEIKO employees as well as operators and their staff in how to use our machines, ensuring a high level of user safety.

    Authorised MEIKO service,

    ... delivering regular maintenance to uphold high standards of hygiene throughout the entire life cycle of a machine. This gives you more safety in operation.

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    MEIKO Planning,

    ... to create an environment in which processes run smoothly and specifications can be adhered to in the best way possible – in particular where hygiene is concerned. 

    Would you like to know exactly what a process like this can look like and what needs to be taken into account even at the planning stage?
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