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    5-Year Work Anniversary with MEIKO SEA

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    This year in the history of MEIKO Southeast Asia, we have 7 employees celebrating their 5 years of employment with the company! They’re Celine Ng (Finance & HR Manager), Florina Daumin (Service Coordinator), Farid Hadri (Segment Manager CARE), Isaac Lee (Service Supervisor), Larry Ng (Sales Manager), Pang Kin Parn (Senior Technical Advisor) and William Phuah (Product & Training Manager).

    Congratulations to all of them for achieving the 5 year milestone anniversary with MEIKO SEA! We applaud the determination and effort they have demonstrated during their time with us together, we take pride in our accomplishments and their commitment to excellence.

    Employees are the key to success of our company, and it’s great to see, that we can continue to grow together as individuals, as a team and as a company. Only being united as a team we are strong, and having stable experienced team members we always know that there is somebody you can rely on, it is not only important for us to work as a team , but also crucial for our customers & partners.

    MEIKO values the dedication and contributions of our colleagues and as a gesture of gratitude, each of them will receive a Certificate of Appreciation. We are honored to have our Managing Director Rudolf Kitzbichler to present the certificates.