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    Privacy policy relating to the handling of applications at the MEIKO Group

    Thank you for visiting our website. The MEIKO Group appreciates your interest in obtaining a position at our company.

    This website is run by

    MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
    Englerstr. 3 D-77652 Offenburg

    which is responsible for the website and its operation. Whether you submit your application in a traditional paper format by post or send it to us by e-mail, you thereby agree to the terms of our privacy policy and give your consent for the company MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG and all its associated companies worldwide to store and process your data for the purposes of processing applications, filling available positions and recruiting new employees. The paragraphs below provide more information on the different purposes for which we may use your personal data (applications, profile approval and recruitment) and the various processes involved.

    1. Use and disclosure of personal data and specification of purpose
      The personal data you disclose to us shall be collected, processed and used within the Group solely for the purposes of handling applications and filling the available positions at our company. We shall maintain confidentiality when storing and processing your personal data worldwide in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations.
      The available positions shall be filled in a collaborative process undertaken by managers and the HR department staff members responsible for this task.
      These managers and HR department staff members may belong to various different companies in the MEIKO Group due to the overlap of certain service functions within the Group. As a result, it may at times be necessary to transmit your personal data worldwide within the MEIKO Group.
      Your profile data shall only be forwarded to external third parties (e.g. service providers) in the event that these parties are involved in the local process of filling available positions; this shall always be carried out in a confidential and secure manner. Care shall be taken in selecting these service providers and we shall ensure that the corresponding agreements are in place and regular audits of these providers carried out in order to guarantee that your personal data is handled in a confidential and secure manner. We will only disclose your data to government authorities in cases where it is required by law.
      Our company has taken precautions to protect your data that we hold in trust against manipulation, loss, destruction, access by unauthorised persons and unauthorised disclosure. Our security measures are constantly being improved and audited to reflect the latest improvements in technology.
      Please note that we may also acquire further information about you from sources in the public domain for the purpose of selecting candidates to fill the available positions. The provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) shall be observed at all times.
    2. Application for a specific position
      By applying for a position at the MEIKO Group you agree to disclose your personal data to our company. As such the company is entitled to assume that this data is correct, accurate and true.
      You have the option of applying exclusively for one specific position. To restrict your application solely to the selected position, it is important that you mark your application accordingly prior to sending it to us. This can generally be achieved by indicating the concrete identification number or position/job title in each case. Should you choose to do this, your data will be made available exclusively to the people charged with the task of filling this specific position.
    3. Speculative applications
      Should you choose to send us a speculative application which is not related to the offer of a specific position, we reserve the right to make use of this application in regard to possible deployment anywhere within the entire Group. In this event we will, however, contact you to ask for your consent before forwarding your information. Your data/application documents will not be forwarded until we have received your consent.
      We naturally offer the same assurance throughout this process that your data will be handled with all due care and confidentiality in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations in this case, too.
    4. Recruitment
      In the event that you are successfully recruited, your application data will be transferred to the HR administration systems of the respective company. Your data will be stored and processed by that company as employee data in the corresponding HR administration system.
      Your data shall be transferred, stored and processed solely in connection with measures required in relation to your employment contract.
    5. Terminating the application process
      You may withdraw your application at any time by contacting us in writing if you are no longer interested in the position. Your application will then be excluded from consideration during the rest of the process to fill the position.
      Upon completion of the application process or if you decide to withdraw your application your data shall be deleted or your documents returned/destroyed in accordance with applicable statutory provisions.
    6. General information
      Our Group firmly believes in observing data protection laws and regulations. We would therefore like to reassure applicants that we shall use the necessary discretion at all times and observe statutory requirements in all our dealings with your data and documents.

    Internal staff members are also covered by our internal data protection policy.