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    Reasons why your bar needs an undercounter dishwasher

    Undercounter dishwasher helps to take the load off the bartender for providing clean, sanitised glasses and plates to the patrons

    bar with undercounter dishwasher

    Let's face it; the bar is everyone's happy place whether they are happy or sad, have something to celebrate or none at all. Given that it's part of the food service industry, it should come as no surprise that operating a bar is similar to operating a restaurant albeit on a smaller scale.

    That said, if you operate a bar that's always packed with people, you will need a constant stream of clean, sanitised glasses and dishes. With your staff rushing to stay on top of orders while maintaining the bar's upkeep, it's hard to speed up the cleaning process unless you automate the cleaning with a commercial dishwasher.

    With that in mind, there are many types of commercial dishwashers available on the market. In this article, we focus on undercounter dishwashers and the reasons for you to invest in one for your bar.

    What is an undercounter dishwasher?

    As the name suggests, an undercounter dishwasher is designed to clean all your kitchen items such as glasses, dishes, cutleries, pots and pans within a short amount of time.

    In the case of bars, it generally helps to take the load off the bartender for providing clean, sanitised glasses and plates to the patrons.

    Generally different from other types of commercial dishwashers in terms of size, an undercounter dishwasher can be fitted under the standard bar, out of the way to ensure smooth flow of movement.

    Reasons to invest in an undercounter dishwasher

    There are many reasons to invest in an undercounter dishwasher for your bar. Among them are:

    #1 Quick and efficient cleaning capabilities

    Punkt2 AirConcept M-iQ
    Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

    Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

    Undercounter dishwashers have a distinct advantage when compared to the manual cleaning of glasses and dishes in a sink. Manual washing requires time and effort but during peak dining hours, you or your kitchen crew won’t have time to attend to the dirty glasses and dishes.

    That’s where an undercounter dishwasher comes in handy. Capable of cleaning glassware in a matter of minutes, your bartenders won’t have to worry about the cleaning as they can simply start the glasswasher and your glassware will be ready to be served.

    #2 Minimises risk of damage

    Manually washing your glassware and dinnerware comes with a risk of breakage due to time constraint. Also, it requires proper polishing to remove white spots or stains left behind by water. As a result, more time is needed to clean the glassware and dinnerware.

    Instead of doing all the washing and polishing manually, an undercounter dishwasher can do both within a short time. Equipped with MEIKO’s warewashing technology, this machine can provide a gentle cleaning and polishing process which minimises the risk of damage to your glassware.

    #3 Compact size

    Compared to traditional dishwashers, most commercial glasswashers these days are compact in size. This means they can easily fit under the counter – the most convenient place for a glasswasher at your bar. Also, they’re available in different sizes and heights such as our M-iClean U and UPster U.

    Normally, the height of these machines is either 800mm tall or below so that they can be fitted under the standard 850mm front of house counter.

    However, with MEIKO's undercounter dishwashers such as the M-iClean US and UM, they can easily fit under the bar with a clearance of 700mm, giving you some extra space to put other items on the dishwasher.

    #4 Hygiene

    In times like these, maintaining high levels of hygiene is crucial. If your kitchen often resorts to manual washing of the glassware, the chances of recontamination remain high. Also, the bartenders may not be as consistent during the cleaning, especially during peak dining hours, causing quantity to take place of quality.

    With an undercounter dishwasher, you're guaranteed the glassware and dinnerware's hygiene. Not only that, but it also helps to give you lasting performance and offers various sanitising options to meet the recommended standards of cleanliness.

    As one of the top warewashing technology manufacturers in the world, MEIKO offers some of the best commercial dishwashers in the world. With an emphasis on making the world a cleaner place by using innovative technology for warewashing, cleaning, and disinfection, MEIKO can guarantee you clean solutions wherever and whenever you need them.