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    Top 5 Useful Tips to Maintain Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment

    Extend the shelf life and save money in the long run!

    Maintaining your commercial kitchen equipment, especially the dishwasher or ware washer is of paramount importance. Designed to withstand high-volume use, this equipment must work properly for your food service business to run efficiently.


    If any of this equipment is not regularly maintained, it will lead to a shorter lifespan and may cost you a great expense to get them repaired. This will ultimately affect your kitchen's productivity and may bring everything to a stop.

    In order to get the most out of your commercial kitchen equipment as well as keep your business going, we've come up with five tips to help you properly maintain your equipment so that it can last longer without affecting your business.

    1. Prioritize scheduled cleaning of commercial kitchen equipment

    Scheduled cleaning of your commercial kitchen equipment is crucial to prevent food particles, grime, rust, and debris from building up. Also, it helps to prevent equipment failure which can cost you great expense to repair or replace them entirely.

    When you have a clean, well-maintained commercial kitchen equipment, you’ll have a kitchen that functions to its fullest potential. Besides, you can avoid mishaps that may occur due to faulty electrical connections and grease build-up.

    2. Daily Inspection of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Before & After Use

    Aside from scheduled cleaning, conducting a daily inspection of your commercial kitchen equipment before and after every use will help ensure the quality and taste of your food. Otherwise, it may result in unfavourable business reputation.

    To prevent such a situation from happening, train your staff to perform a daily inspection to ensure that all your commercial kitchen equipment and appliances are clean and functional. If you have a MEIKO dishwashing machine, you can certainly rely on its blue operating concept which ensures maximum dishwashing efficiency and reliability.

    3. Ensure Stable Utility Supply

    Many commercial kitchen equipment rely on water and electricity to function at their best. Take the dishwasher as an example. It relies on both water and electricity to give you clean, sanitized wares. However, it’s also prone to limescale build-up which may cause it to function in an inefficient way that consumes more water and electricity.

    In order to improve the efficiency of your commercial kitchen equipment, cleaning is necessary so that your kitchen can function on a stable utility supply. With MEIKO's dishwashing machine, water treatment process is possible with water softening and GiO Module

    4. Regular Professional Service

    On top of running a food service business, you also have to maintain your commercial kitchen equipment, especially your commercial dishwasher which can be challenging to do by instinct. 

    Hence, you should always refer back to the original manufacturer of your equipment to ensure that only the best knowledgeable professionals are servicing your equipment with genuine parts.

    For customers of MEIKO, you can rest assured that your MEIKO equipment (commercial dishwashers) is in the good hands of MEIKO’s technical service team as it's staffed by engineers and technicians – people who know best about your MEIKO machines.

    5. Re-Calibration

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    Regular maintenance is carried out based on the number of wash cycles. However, there are times when you may forget to record when you last carried out the maintenance for your commercial kitchen equipment, especially your dishwashing machine.

    If you have a MEIKO dishwashing machine, you can rely on MEIKO Connect as the mobile app works to monitor and record machine-related and hygiene-related data about your equipment. Also, you can access all the relevant information at a glance.

    As one of the top commercial dishwashing producers in the world, MEIKO is committed to providing solutions that work for you without compromising your business operations. While some manufacturers have resorted to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide general solutions, nothing is better than getting a customized solution from real people.

    With an emphasis on making the world a cleaner place by using innovative technology for warewashing, cleaning, and disinfection, MEIKO Southeast Asia can guarantee you clean solutions wherever and whenever you need it.