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The clean solution
Mortarboard blue

Slop sink unit

More hygiene from every angle

Water wave

Utility rooms are now run much more hygienically and efficiently with the new MEIKO slop sink unit cleaning away dirt and residues without a trace – all in one go.

So how does it work? Two self-cleaning, easily replaceable nozzles produce a powerful, continuous, spiral-shaped film of water that gets the slop sink spotlessly clean.
That is our swirling rim. The new slop sink unit saves over 50% on water, improves safety and is incredibly convenient to service, making it a must-have for every conscientious ward.

Your MEIKO sales adviser will be happy to provide more information.

M-iQ self-cleaning
Self-cleaning commercial dishwashing system

At the end of the washing operation the M-iQ cleans itself using the existing tank water. Only the parts which are blue have to be manually cleaned.