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    UPster K Conveyor Dishwasher by MEIKO

    Save time in the kitchen with Meiko's efficient UPster K Conveyor Dishwasher.

    UPster K Conveyor Dishwasher

    When it comes to purchasing commercial equipment for a busy kitchen such as those of a restaurant or foodservice business, efficient warewashing will always top the list of priorities with a range of factors to consider.

    There are several types of dishwashers such as conveyor dishwashers, hood type dishwashing machines, undercounter dishwashers, and glass washers, each suited for different applications and levels of service.

    Given the variety of dishwashing machines at MEIKO, we are going to focus on conveyor dishwashers, more specifically the UPster K and its key features for it to be considered for your commercial kitchen.

    What is MEIKO UPster K conveyor dishwasher?

    At MEIKO, we have a few ranges of conveyor dishwashers such as the M-iQ (made in Germany), UPster K (available from Germany and China), UPster B, and K200M (assembled in China).

    These conveyor dishwasher models are part of MEIKO's rack type and flight type dishwashing machines. While the two types of conveyor dishwashers are similar to each other, we will focus on UPster K which is one of MEIKO's rack type dishwashing machines. 

    The UPster K range is the quickest and easiest way to access MEIKO's professional warewashing technology while offering clean technology for:

    • Efficient cleaning performance
    • User-friendly operation
    • Maximum flexibility
    • Exceptional value for money

    It is also the ideal dishwasher for areas that need rack solutions.

    Key features of UPster K conveyor dishwasher

    To provide outstanding performance and a compact footprint, the UPster K range of conveyor dishwashers are equipped with a range of features that can meet various dishwashing capacities. The key features include:

    Intuitive operation

    The intuitive operating concept of UPster K conveyor dishwasher allows for optimum operator experience as the use of an innovative glass display panel enables clear communication between the operator and the dishwashing machine.

    In addition, it helps to keep the operator fully informed at every stage of the washing process and displays functions that are currently available or currently in progress. This effectively eliminates the risk of operator error as all key information is available at a glance.

    Ease of use

    MEIKO uses a striking blue to mark all of the components and parts of its dishwashing machines which users can interact with. This user-friendly indicator helps to make life easier for users without requiring words or long instruction manuals.

    This is also MEIKO’s way of simplifying the communication between its conveyor dishwashers and their operators to make the operation as easy and efficient as possible during the kitchen’s peak hours.

    Wash cycle

    Providing ultimate wash performance with minimum space requirement, the UPster K conveyor dishwasher can wash between 80 and 340 racks per hour according to different countries requirements.

    For instance, the UPster K-L 340 is the largest in its range, doubling up on everything the smallest UPster K has to offer. It has an additional pre-wash zone and a complete second washing system for maximum performance and cleanliness. Also, its compact design doesn't compromise the machine's compliance to international warewashing hygiene standards.

    Passing height

    With a maximum passing height of 508mm, the UPster K conveyor dishwasher is setting a new standard in its class, enabling tall or large wash wares to be cleaned for optimum hygiene.

    For example, big pots and pans and long trays can be the toughest kinItd of wash ware to tackle. Hence, they are typically hand-washed due to their size. However, MEIKO's UPster K conveyor dishwashers can accommodate these wash wares and get them sparkling clean.

    Reasons to consider UPster K conveyor dishwasher

    Aside from the key features of UPster K conveyor dishwashers, MEIKO’s warewashing technology enables the dishwashing machines to provide optimum efficiency during any time of the day. Below are some of the reasons to consider UPster K conveyor dishwasher.

    Water and energy consumption

    When it comes to selecting a conveyor dishwasher for your commercial kitchen, note that the energy and water consumption will be high due to greater load and continuous use of the dishwashing machine.

    The UPster K is equipped with a heat recovery system combined with a small wash tank that ensures outstanding cleaning results while using minimal resource of water and energy to operate the conveyor dishwasher. As a result, this system helps to keep the total operating costs of water and power to a minimum.

    Punkt2 AirConcept M-iQ
    Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

    Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

    Hygiene maintenance

    When it comes to maintaining a conveyor dishwasher like UPster K, there are many things to record such as machine-related and hygiene-related data about the dishwashing machine.

    Luckily, MEIKO Connect makes it easier for you to monitor your commercial kitchen using the Bluetooth connection on a smartphone. As a result, all the relevant information like the machine’s hygiene status and documentation are available at a glance.

    Die neue App von MEIKO
    App MEIKO Connect

    New app for commercial dishwashers. For more transparency in your commercial kitchen. All relevant information now on your smartphone – simple and convenient.

    Value for money

    Like most of MEIKO’s dishwashing machines, UPster K conveyor dishwasher is constructed with a double wall for durability and to provide insulation from the heat produced during the dishwashing process.

    Thanks to the heat recovery system, the dishwashing area remains pleasant throughout the kitchen’s operation.

    Punkt2 AirConcept M-iQ
    Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

    Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

    Flexible arrangement

    Thanks to its modular design, the UPster K conveyor dishwasher is flexible to fit in any commercial kitchen. It can be compact or big and bold to make the best use of the available space. You can also change the direction of the machines, which can be done on site, or add another module to increase capacity.

    In a nutshell, the UPster K conveyor dishwasher packs a punch for commercial kitchens while offering flexibility for different types of kitchens.

    As one of the top warewashing technology manufacturers in the world, MEIKO offers some of the best conveyor dishwashers in the world. With an emphasis on making the world a cleaner place by using innovative technology for warewashing, cleaning, and disinfection, MEIKO can guarantee you clean solutions wherever and whenever you need them.