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    Difference between low- and high-temperature dishwashers

    Every commercial dishwasher available in the market offers different advantages and disadvantages and serves different purposes

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    In the food service industry, commercial dishwashers have a big role to play in maintaining and keeping businesses afloat. As much as the taste of the food is important, the hygiene of the tools used for food prep is also important.

    While you may know how to choose a commercial dishwasher for your kitchen, there are many aspects that you still need to consider. This includes the size and capacity of your kitchen, type of commercial dishwasher, operating and machine cost, and most importantly, low- or high-temperature dishwasher.

    Generally, every commercial dishwasher available in the market offers different advantages and disadvantages and serves different purposes. The same goes for low- and high-temperature dishwashers as we explore the differences between the two in this article.

    What is a low-temperature commercial dishwasher?

    While they’re known as low-temperature dishwashers, these dishwashing machines don’t actually use cold water to operate. The machine can still operate at between 55 and 65 degrees Celsius. Also, many of the low-temperature dishwashers don’t need heated water but if required, water will be pumped into the machine at the required temperature from your water heater.

    For the commercial dishwasher to completely sanitise all your wares, the use of chemical sanitisers during the machine's washing, rinsing, and drying processes may be necessary due to the machine's low-temperature operation. But this can negatively affect the environment. Therefore, you should choose the right chemical sanitiser if you opt for this type of commercial dishwasher.

    Benefits of low-temperature commercial dishwasher

    When it comes to operating and machine cost, a low-temperature commercial dishwasher is generally cheaper than a high-temperature commercial dishwasher. Aside from it being a low-cost alternative, there are several benefits to choosing a low-temperature commercial dishwasher such as:

    • Energy efficiency – Low-temperature dishwashers operate at a lower temperature which means less energy is used to heat the water.
    • Cooler glassware – Operating a low-temperature dishwasher is a good thing if you run a bar as you can’t serve drinks in hot glasses. While the wash cycles are generally slower, you don’t have to wait for the glassware to cool down.
    • Less steam – Lower temperature means less steam is produced throughout the entire wash cycle. This reduces the need for a ventilation system in your kitchen and a more comfortable working environment for your kitchen crew.

    What is a high-temperature commercial dishwasher?

    Different from its low-temperature counterpart, a high-temperature commercial dishwasher operates above 65 degrees Celsius. This eliminates the need for chemical sanitisers as the water temperature is high enough to sanitise the wares washed.

    Additionally, a high-temperature commercial dishwasher offers improved efficiency as the high temperature reduces the amount of chemicals used and time needed to completely sanitise the wares. However, you will need to consider a ventilation system as the high temperatures generated by the machine can affect your kitchen crew.

    Benefits of high-temperature commercial dishwasher

    Ideal for a fast-paced environment, a high-temperature commercial dishwasher offers the following benefits:

    • No need for chemical sanitisers – The high-temperature water is sufficient to clean and sanitise all your dinnerware and glassware while reduces the possibility of damage to these items. You also don’t need to keep purchasing chemical sanitisers to run the machine.
    • Quick wash cycles – High-temperature dishwashers offer quick wash cycles which is very much needed in any commercial environment. With that, the contents can be cleaned and sanitised within a short time.
    • Easy stain removal – High temperatures generally provide optimal cleaning conditions. This means high-temperature commercial dishwashers can readily remove tough stains such as grease and fat without having to run the machine for more than one cycle or manually washing the items first.

    As with any decision you make, there are pros and cons to choosing either one of the commercial dishwashers. If you need a machine that's highly efficient in terms of the wash cycle and stain removal, a high-temperature commercial dishwasher from MEIKO may just be the right one for your kitchen.

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