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    How to Choose the Best Warewashing Manufacturer

    Proven warewashing solutions that focus on high efficiency and excellent washing quality

    As much as we prefer to manually clean the wares used to prepare or serve food, there are times when you need the technology to make things easier while enhancing the efficiency of your service. That’s where warewashing technology comes in. But what is warewashing and just how does warewashing technology benefit your business? Why is it important? Ahead, we’ll be sharing all you need to know about warewashing and how you can choose the best warewashing manufacturer in Malaysia and Singapore.

    What is warewashing?

    Warewashing is a collective term used to refer to the process of collecting, cleaning, rinsing, sanitizing, and drying kitchen wares before being used for another round of food servicing and preparation. Aside from kitchen wares, it also works to clean cutlery, glasses, pots, pans, and dishes.

    Why is warewashing important?

    When you're involved in the foodservice industry, warewashing is important to ensure the highest standard of hygiene for your food wares. Not only that, but it’s also to avoid food poisoning among your consumers. Note that any case of food poisoning can damage your business reputation. Here’s how warewashing will benefit your business:

      1. Increasing business efficiency

      Efficiency is key for your business to thrive as the food service industry is a fast-paced working environment. To ensure that all your dishes are served on time, you’ll need hygienically clean wares within the nick of time. And warewashing does just that.

      Compared to the labour-intensive, manual way of washing the dishes, warewashing technology can handle a greater amount of cleaning than you can imagine. Besides, you can save cost by hiring less manual labour to clean your kitchen wares.

      2. Ensuring the quality of the job done

      Being in the food service industry means your business relies heavily on consumer reviews and the quality of your food. When your food preparation is jeopardized by the poor quality of warewashing, it may present a risk to your business.

      To prevent that from happening, quality warewashing is made easier with technology that’s meant to provide the highest standard of hygiene for your kitchen wares. When you invest in a quality warewasher, it will yield good results in the long run.

      As a warewashing manufacturer, MEIKO takes warewashing to another level by coming up with the right technological solutions to meet the different needs. With a specialization in creating clean solutions for your kitchen wares, you can expect to have sparkling clean plates, spotless cutlery, and perfectly dry crystal clear glasses with MEIKO’s warewashing solutions.

      How to choose the best warewashing manufacturer?

      Given the variety of choices and importance of quality warewashing, here’s how you can choose the best warewashing manufacturer for your business.

      Look for a manufacturer that can offer a complete solution of the highest standards

      When you're in the food service industry, your biggest consumers are your food patron. Which is why having a quality warewashing machine for your business is important. As a premium brand, MEIKO doesn’t cut corners and takes product creation to the highest standard.

      The warewashing manufacturer is also dedicated to the well-being of its company with a value-oriented culture based on responsibility and long-term success. MEIKO reinvests 85% of the company’s profits to create quality solutions ranging from warewashing, cleaning, disinfection, washing chemicals, accessories, etc. for the wellbeing of people and the company.

      Follow health standard protocols

      Protocols exist for a variety reasons with one being to ensure the highest standard of service provision. As mentioned earlier, the foodservice industry relies heavily on customer support and quality of food preparation. This makes warewashing an important aspect of ensuring quality food preparation.

      With MEIKO’s warewashing machines, you can rest assured that the machines follow health standard protocols which have been verified by a hygienist and virologist. He confirmed that MEIKO warewashing deactivates the latest COVID-19 virus and other viruses.

      An award-winning company with a good reputation

      Ask yourself: What is the first thing that comes to mind before you purchase your regular household goods? Surely, it is the brand that comes first, and then the credibility of its products. The same holds true when choosing the best warewashing manufacturer.

      You'll want a manufacturer who has high credibility with a good reputation. And MEIKO is an award-winning company that has bagged multiple awards since 2010. If you don’t believe in the awards, some customers like Botanica + Co, have regarded MEIKO’s warewashing solutions as one that enhances efficiency and washing quality without the need to hire dedicated dishwashers.

      Excellent customer service

      In the case that your warewashing machine malfunctions, you’ll want a manufacturer who takes the issue seriously by responding to your queries and providing plausible solutions to keep your business running.

      As one of the top warewashing technology manufacturers in Germany and globally, MEIKO is committed to providing solutions that work for you without compromising your business operations. While some manufacturers have resorted to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide general solutions, nothing is better than getting a customised solution from real people.

      With an emphasis on making the world a cleaner place by using innovative technology for warewashing, cleaning, and disinfection, MEIKO South East Asia can guarantee you clean solutions wherever and whenever you need it.