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    The strength of the MEIKO bedpan washer

    Innovative technology with powerful hygiene features for hygienically clean bedpans


    Showing no signs of going away, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every industry that’s known to us, including the healthcare industry. Throughout the year 2020, healthcare workers have been pushed to their limits with resources being used to the fullest to ensure the safety of many.

    With a strong emphasis on hygiene, you can't help but wonder how clean are the instruments used in practices, clinics, medical centres, and hospitals during this pandemic. Given the current situation, daily disinfection works can prove to be costly and time-consuming for a thorough sanitization should an outbreak occur.

    That's where MEIKO's bedpan washer comes in. Not only does it help to enhance the hygiene of care utensils, but it also works to provide healthcare facilities with effective cleaning and disinfecting technology. Ahead, we will be sharing what it is like to use such a technology and the advantages of it.

    What is a bedpan washer?

    Bedpan washers are among the many washer-disinfectors responsible to eliminate any risk of infection stemming from hospital rooms to dirty utility rooms. They work to empty, clean, disinfect, and dry some of the care utensils used by healthcare workers.

    For some medical institutions, bedpan washers provide an alternative to disposables, single-use solutions, as most reusable care utensils are made of plastic or stainless steel. This makes bedpan washers a popular choice for institutions that value its one-off cost.

    Generally, there are two types of bedpan washers available at MEIKOTopLine and TOPIC. Simply put, these bedpan washers make the cleaning and drying of care utensils easier, allowing healthcare workers to focus more on caring for their patients.

    The following is brief information on the two bedpan washers available at MEIKO:

    TopLine Bedpan Washers

    This type of bedpan washer is packed with powerful technology to prevent the risk of infections in medical institutions. In times like this, a TopLine bedpan washer can help increase efficiency and guarantee the standards of hygiene.

    TOPIC Bedpan Washers

    This compact version of a bedpan washer is a popular choice for care homes and medical facilities, allowing caretakers to provide their utmost attention to those under their care.

    The Strength of MEIKO Bedpan Washer

    Under international guidelines, manual cleaning should only be used when mechanical or automated methods aren’t available. Fortunately, MEIKO offers all-round solutions to ensure care utensils are hygienically clean as well as increase healthcare worker’s care efficiency.

    The following are some of the strengths of our bedpan washers:

    1. Steam Stop – Both types of our bedpan washers are equipped with this feature to optimise hygiene and safety with a design that ensures no steam escapes from the system.
    2. Power Clean – For reliably and hygienically clean care utensil, our TopLine bedpan washer is equipped with a powerful telescopic rotary jet and an optimized wash system that works to clean every inch of your utensils.
    3. Thermo Control – Both types of our bedpan washers are equipped with this feature to provide reliable disinfection by offering patented control of the selectable A0 value.
    4. Dry & Cool – For your care utensils to feel cool to the touch, our TopLine bedpan washers use filtered air to dry and cool hygienically clean utensils.
    5. Total Auto Disinfection (T.A.D.) – This feature which is found in our TopLine and Topic bedpan washers works to disinfect all the water-carrying lines in the machine after each wash cycle to avoid risk of de-contamination.
    6. Chem Code – Both types of our bedpan washers are equipped with this feature which uses a unique suction lance coding system to eliminate the risk of mixing up rinse aid and detergent.
    7. Ca Stop – Available in both types of our bedpan washers, this feature guarantees high operating reliability by using sensors to monitor the dosage of detergent and rinse aid mix.

    Additionally, our bedpan washers are fully compliant with EN ISO 15883, making it a safe and hygienic solution for use in healthcare facilities. Among the various range of bedpan washers available at MEIKO, the following are the outstanding ones known for their features.

    For TopLine bedpan washers

    TopLine 20 – This bedpan washer is easy to install as it can be floor-mounted on a plinth. The system is completely steam-tight, meaning zero risks of pathogens escaping while ensuring bedpans, and other care utensils are ready for use in a jiffy.

    TopLine 30 WC – This flush-mounted bedpan washer is suitable for use in patients’ bedrooms or wet rooms. This variant differs from the Topline 20 as it's built into the wall and comes with a WC should the patient not require any care utensils.

    For TOPIC bedpan washers

    TOPIC 20 – Like its siblings, this floor-standing unit is quick to install and ready to go, thanks to its multifunctional care utensil holder concept.

    TOPIC 40 – This compact version of a bedpan washer is a tabletop unit, suitable for utility rooms in hospitals and care homes when more workspace is needed.

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