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    Safe processes with undercounter, hood type dishwashing machines and utensil washers

    The novel coronavirus: Be on the safe side with MEIKO

    In the case of the novel coronavirus, all respiratory secretions are considered potentially infectious. This makes the risk of the virus spreading particularly high during social gatherings – this also applies to restaurants and canteens.

    "MEIKO devices are able to process dishes and cutlery in such a way that they can be reused without hesitation, even if they have previously been used by infected or sick people," says PD Dr. Dr. Friedrich von Rheinbaben.

    >> to the expert opinion for Undercounter, Hood and Utensil Washers
    >> to the expert opinion for Undercounter, Hood and Utensil Washers manufactured in China

    • Proper use of the undercounter, hood type dishwashing machines and utensil washers, as well as repair and maintenance according to manufacturer specifications.
    • Use of the specified wash programme with:
      1. A total washing time of at least 90 seconds.
      2. A cleaning temperature of at least 60° C on the surface of the washware.
      3. A surface temperature of at least 60 to 70° C in the fresh water final rinse on the washware.
    • Use of the alkaline detergents and rinse aids recommended by MEIKO.

    The technology of undercounter, hood type dishwashing machines and utensil washers can have major differences in the details. When it comes to protecting the consumer, the treatment conditions at the washware itself in particular, and several other technological details, prove decisive.

    These include:

    • The special MEIKO washing mechanism which ensures that the viral load is reliably washed away.
    • A sufficiently high water temperature that can be kept constant thanks to a double-walled structure, and which helps against temperature fluctuations.
    • An alkaline detergent with surfactants whose effectiveness against enveloped viruses has already been proven in many tests.

    MEIKO recommends the following products:
    MEIKOLON  Detergent
    MEIKOLON  Rinse Aid

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    In addition to the general recommendations on hand hygiene, additional hygiene rules apply for professional kitchen personnel:

    • Wearing special work clothes and gloves when handling dishes, cutlery, trays and other items that have been used and could therefore be contaminated.
    • On the other hand, the World Health Organization (WHO) only recommends wearing a face mask when you have symptoms or are caring for persons with symptoms or who may potentially be ill.
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