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The clean solution

Meiko has a very good reputation

The German Business magazine FOCUS MONEY got together with DEUTSCHLAND TEST to commission the Management and Economics Research Institute (IMWF) to assess the 5,000 largest companies in Germany from over 140 industries and rank them according to their reputation. 1,300 companies made it into the top third. The hygiene experts at Meiko in Baden-Württemberg came in at 78th place in the machine building category (of 127).

How do you measure a company's good reputation? FOCUS MONEY detailed the process in a special report entitled: US market research company Harris Interactive has designed a study to work out how companies can improve their brand's reputation. The outcome showed which topics are responsible for companies' reputations: management, sustainability, product and service, performance as an employer, business efficiency.

The method involved two stages: firstly digital data gathering from March 2018 to February 2019. All of the texts were selected using specific search terms and then collated. The second stage was to analyse the texts in question for subject matter and tone. These are the factors that influence how a company or brand is perceived.

Happily for MEIKO, the IMWF allocated our hygiene experts in Offenburg, Baden-Württemberg, to the ‘best reputation’ class.

Dr Stefan Scheringer, CEO of the MEIKO Group: ‘We combine the best reputation with our particular in-house culture because we are led by our values, of which fairness, transparency and partnership are significant examples. These are not just empty words. These are our values and they are embodied by everybody everywhere in how we treat one another within the company as well as our external dealings. We are pleased that our value-oriented culture is visible from every angle.’ The company employs more than 1,200 people at our headquarters in Offenburg and worldwide, more than 2,500 people work for the MEIKO Group