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M-iClean US – the sophisticated yet compact glasswasher

A glasswasher that cuts an impressive figure in any business

460 mm x 700 mm: the compact premium class M-iClean US commercial dishwasher may be small, but it offers impressive performance. The M-iClean US commercial dishwasher offers intuitive operation and the "green heart" of eco-friendly dishwashing, and it fits perfectly under most bars and counters. This commercial dishwasher is a popular choice in both the hotel and restaurant trade, producing hygienically clean dishware and cutlery and sparkling clean glasses without requiring hand polishing.

MEIKO's innovative technology ensures

  • Top-notch wash results with an economical use of detergent and rinse aid
  • All the key information at a glance on a one-touch Display
  • Smart status checks with an LED handle that lights up to show the industrial glasswasher is ready for use (blue), washing efficiently (green) or has an important message (red)
  • Easy transfer of service data via Bluetooth Interface
  • Improved indoor air quality and energy savings thanks to heat recovery with the optional M-iClean AirConcept system

Eliminates the need to polish glasses by hand!
The M-iClean US industrial glasswasher with optional GiO module offers brilliant washing results, less glassware breakage, and no need to polish glasses by hand. That's the beauty of cleaning!

Technical Data M-iClean US
Model: Glasswasher

Technical data 400 V 230 V
Fuse 16 A 16 A
Tank heating 2 kW 2 kW
Boiler heating 6 kW 2 kW
Pump capacity 0.5 kW 0.5 kW
Total connected load 6.7 kW 2.7 kW
Water consumption 1.9 l/basket 1.9 l/basket
Tank content 7.5 l 7.5 l
Entry height 315 mm 315 mm
Basket dimension 400 x 400 mm 400 x 400 mm
Programme cycle 90/120/180 s 90/120/180 s
Theoretical basket capacity 40/30/20 baskets/h 40/30/20 baskets/h
Programme cycle cold water s.o. 180/180/240 s
Theoretical basket capacity (cold water) s.o. 20/20/15 baskets/h

If the machine is connected to cold water supplies and / or in the event of short change-over times for baskets, the running times needed to achieve hygienic rinse temperatures may be increased.
Please note that activating the water change programme will increase the duration of the wash cycles.

Date: 10.2016. Technical modifications reserved.

M-iClean US dimensions