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Undercounter dishwashers tailored to your needs

Economical, durable and easy to use

A MEIKO undercounter dishwasher offers powerful performance in a compact package – so you have more space for your customers plus the reassurance of knowing that your plates and glasses will be hygienically clean and ready for use. Whether you choose to install your undercounter dishwasher under the bar, in the serving area or in its traditional place in the wash-up room, you'll be delighted with how quickly it washes your plates, cups, glasses, bowls and cutlery. MEIKO is renowned for its cutting-edge technology. The company has been setting international standards in the industry for decades, striving to make the most efficient use of resources while producing outstanding results.


These premium-class undercounter dishwashers offer cutting-edge technology, economical performance, easy operation, and eco-friendly credentials – all in a beautifully designed package.

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The UPster range of undercounter dishwashers is a miracle of clean and economical dishwashing – simply pop the machine in place under the counter, hook it up, and you're ready to enjoy sparkling results!

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