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MEIKO rack type dishwashing machines make life easier

When the going gets tough, a rack type dishwashing machine is the answer

MEIKO basket dishwashers offer a remarkably user-friendly experience that is perfectly tailored to the overall dishwashing process. Different items of dishware and cutlery pose their own unique challenges, and that's where the versatility of conveyor basket dishwashers really pays off. The goal of technology is to make life easier for the people who use it, so MEIKO rack conveyor dishwashers can also be combined with a wide range of different table configurations, ensuring the best ergonomic fit for machine operators. 


The latest high-tech innovation from MEIKO emphasises the company's determination to develop sustainable cleaning technologies that foster a clean environment. The M-iQ generation are reshaping the future of dishwashing!

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UPster K

Outstanding performance and a compact footprint: those are two of the most impressive characteristics of the UPster range of rack type dishwashing machines. A choice of lengths gives you exactly the dishwashing capacity you need.

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K 160

The K 160 commercial dishwasher offers powerful and professional dishwashing in a space-saving package. Taking technology to the next level.

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KA 15

This efficient container dishwasher helps butchers and bakers get their reusable containers, transport boxes and Euronorm crates hygienically clean.

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