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DV 200.2 PW pass through dishwashing machine with Power Wash

The PowerWash function of this utensil washer creates an even more powerful wash cycle

The DV 200.2 PW passthrough hood dishwasher can wash two baskets in one wash cycle – just like its smaller sibling, the DV 200.2 – but it offers a more powerful wash thanks to the PowerWash function. With a combination of three different programmes and three different pump motor configurations, it's easy to adjust the water pressure and power of your wash cycles. That effectively gives you three different models squeezed into one machine – so you can always be confident of using the right power and pressure for each wash. By precisely tailoring the motor output to the washware, you can keep energy consumption to a minimum and ensure you use a level of water pressure that matches the washware and degree of soiling in each case:

• Short wash for e.g. coffee cups
• Standard wash for dishware
• Power wash for pots, cooking utensils, etc.

MEIKO's user-focused range of accessories for this hood dishwasher opens up an even greater range of options – and with a usable pass through height of 440 mm, this machine can easily handle Euronorm trays, tall dishware, and beer glasses.

This passthrough dishwasher has been carefully designed to fill the gap between our single-basket passthrough dishwashers and our high-capacity rack type dishwashers.   

Width 1180 (1290) mm
Depth 750 (850) mm
Height 1470 mm
Total height with hood open 2050 mm
Entry height 440 mm
Basket dimensions 2 x 500 x 500 mm (540 x 500) mm
Programme cycles * 60/90/210 s
Theoretical basket capacity 120/80/34 baskets/h
Pump motor 2 x 1.5 kW
Tank capacity 54 l
Final rinse 5.2 l/basket
Tank heating 4 kW
Built-in boiler
10°C feed water temperature 18 kW
45°-60°C feed water temperature 12 kW
Protection class
Protection class IP X5
Total connected load
3-phase NPE 400 V, 50 Hz, 10°C feed water temperature 21.4 kW
3-phase NPE 400 V, 50 Hz, 45°-60°C feed water temperature 15.4 kW

* If the appliance is connected to the cold water supply and / or at a short basket exchange time, the time necessary to reach hygienic rinsing temperatures can be Extended.

Date: 10.2016. Technical modifications reserved.