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Trolley and cart washers are used wherever people need fast, hygienically clean results. Designed for environments in which food, crockery, laundry and even waste are transported on trolleys – for example airline catering companies, hospitals, and care homes – our trolley washers offer the perfect solution for regular trolley decontamination.
Although they employ sophisticated technology, MEIKO cart washers are easy to use. They offer versatile loading options, including front loading and pass-through configurations. Available in single-chamber or multi-chamber formats, they can sustainably improve your processes and workflow. The WS 125 can handle up to 60 trolleys/h, while the BA 252-C goes even further, cleaning up to 300 trolleys/h in an ultra-fast display of dishwashing technology. 

  • Machine installed flush with the floor
  • Roller shutters or hinged doors
  • Lockable door to maintain separation between clean and dirty areas
  • Multiple wash and rinse systems
  • Automatic trolley tilting for better drying results
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Compatible with AK-BWA standards for decontaminating bed frames and carts