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AZP restaurant food waste treatment appliances convert problematic food waste to be disposed, into a bio-waste which can be easily handled and used as compost material.

Herewith, the following various disposal alternatives are made possible:

  • composting plant
  • biogas plant
  • sewage treatment
  • dump
  • The restaurant food waste is either fed via a flushing trough or directly into the grinding mechanism. This grinding mechanism consists of a rotating grinding disc with sieve ring, pump housing and motor.
  • The grinded food waste is continuously directed to the de-watering press, where it is compacted and de-watered to a large extent.
  • A volume reduction of up to 85 % is obtainable!
  • The water used for the flow system is continuously re-circulated by means of a heavy duty pump.

The advantages:

  • High performance from a powerful 5,5 kW grinding motor: food residues up to 450 kg/h, mixed restaurant food waste up to 320 kg/h
  • Considerable cost savings through to volume reduction of up to 85 %
  • Easy to clean, the streamlined design ensures maximum external hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Simple cleaning for the grinding tank by means of a removable wire sieve basket
  • Effortless cleaning of the de-watering press with the easily removable perforated sleeve screen. This means internal hygiene of the highest standard.

There are a multitude of planning possibilities allowing an adaptation to almost each constructional and organizational requirements: f. ex. several grinding mechanisms can be coupled with one de-watering press, even if these individual stations are located on different floors.

ith this compact unit the grinding mechanism and de-watering press are installed separately, so that the grinding mechanism(s) are installed where the waste actually arises (f. ex. in the preparation zone or wash-up area), whereas the de-watering press is installed directly in the waste disposal room.

Restaurant food waste is transported to the garbage room in a hygienic way via pipelines without intermediate storage.