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Medical Devices

Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC for MEIKO medical devices

MEIKO medical devices are subject to this set of rules and regulations. They are assigned to risk class IIa in the product category 10-334.
MEIKO medical devices are monitored by the notified body CE0408 TÜV Austria

MEIKO Quality Management System certified to DIN EN ISO 13485:2012 for MEIKO-medical devices

We comply with and implement the conditions stipulated in DIN EN ISO 13485:ff during the manufacture of MEIKO medical devices. The requirements specified in this standard go far beyond the general requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. In concert with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, the EN ISO 13485:2012 standard defines the periodically reviewed MEIKO Quality Management System for medical devices. EN ISO 13485:2012 also describes the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines which we apply to the manufacturing of MEIKO medical devices.

MEIKO Quality Management System certified to ISO 13485:2012 for MEIKO-medical devices in Canada

Certification of the MEIKO QM system to ISO 13485:2012 is accredited by the Canadian organisation CMDCAS. This accreditation is a prerequisite for registering MEIKO medical devices with Health Canada (HC). Together with the licence from HC, this accreditation allows MEIKO medical devices to be exported to Canada. Adherence to the Medical Device Regulations (MDR) is a requirement for obtaining this accreditation.

Non-European accreditations for MEIKO medical devices

Export of MEIKO medical devices to countries outside Europe is subject to a variety of different rules and regulations which are defined in the specific Medical Device Regulations (MDRs) for each country. The European conformity assessment process which MEIKO uses is only recognised by the authorities in target countries in a limited number of cases.
As a rule, MEIKO products, MEIKO as a manufacturer, and MEIKO's representative in the respective country must all be specifically registered with the authorities in the target country concerned. The granting of a national licence is generally associated with special product-specific documentation which MEIKO can provide. Over the years MEIKO has acquired numerous national licences which have been made possible thanks to collaboration between the MEIKO quality management team and the design and sales departments.