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Our Quality Policy and Quality Management System (QMS)

We see quality as something that relates to the products and services we offer our customers as well as to our organisation's internal structures, processes, and participants which are required for this task, either directly or indirectly. Quality refers to specific requirements which we carefully analyse and document on an ongoing basis. Some of these requirements stem from external sources (e.g. standards and statutory requirements), while others are defined and stipulated by us in response to market requirements and customer expectations (e.g. product features). We perceive, evaluate and track quality as a measure of the degree to which we can systematically fulfil all these requirements.

Compliance and certification

We strive to ensure full compliance with all relevant requirements, systematically channelling all current, pertinent statutory provisions and new insights into our Quality Management System (QMS).
The QMS includes integrated conformity assessment processes for

It is important for us to channel these objectives into the everyday behaviours and practices of our workforce as a central guiding principle.
Within the scope of our Quality Management System, we regularly develop, fine tune, document and track our operational objectives.
By defining rules and documenting, monitoring and improving the way we operate, we ensure that our Quality Management System and all its associated activities are conducted in accordance with the requirements specified in

DIN EN ISO 9001:ff.
DIN EN ISO 13485:ff. (Medical Devices)

We periodically renew our certification in these Areas.