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Corporate Policy in Our Integrated Management System (IMS)

We believe that one of the best responses to the regulatory requirements of standards and guidelines is to establish, document and maintain organisational subsystems or 'management systems' – in each case with the goal of having these periodically certified by competent external bodies.

Integrated Management System and Corporate Governance

We manage all these subsystems together within an Integrated Management System (IMS), creating a transparent system of corporate governance which is equally coherent inside and outside our organisation. This enables us to make the most of all the synergies that present themselves and pool resources to tackle all the individual tasks in the most lean and efficient manner possible, creating sustainable solutions for the future.
Several years ago we successfully introduced a

Quality Management System(QMS) certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:ff
and a
Medical Devices Quality Management System 
(QMS) certified to DIN EN ISO 13485:ff.


Our comprehensive Quality Management System provides a solid basis for our business.
It is supplemented by the following management systems which we regard as an essential and integral part of our activities:

Occupational Health & Safety Management System       (OHSMS) certified to OHSAS 18001
Energy Management System   (EnMS) certified to DIN/ISO 50001
Environmental Management System(EMS) certified to DIN/ISO 14001

We have deliberately created all our management systems to use the same rules and methods to present and document data to the greatest possible extent, and to facilitate integration. We pay careful attention to the functional relationships between the various subsystems and strive to maintain consistency while avoiding overlap.

Within the scope of these various subsystems, we regularly develop, fine tune, document and track our operational objectives. It is important for us to constantly channel these objectives into the everyday behaviours and practices of our workforce as a central guiding principle.
We also believe that the IMS subsystems should be certified together wherever feasible. Any further management subsystems which we decide to add in the future will be integrated in the same way.