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M-iQ GreenEye dishwashing technology

The future has bright green eyes –
world première of the M-iQ with GreenEye technology

Meiko – a manufacturer of professional dishwashing technology based in Offenburg, Germany – is a renowned innovation leader in the industry. Five years have passed since the company launched its M-iQ generation of pass-through dishwashing machines. Now MEIKO has introduced a range of new features for its M-iQ series which offer even more drastic reductions in resource consumption. These features are based on an innovative, intelligent and dynamic approach which involves using clear and communicative technology to create synergies between operators and machines – and to reduce resource consumption to a minimum.

A light to guide the way –
dishwashing evolution through communication

Building on the revolutionary design of the M-iQ, the Offenburg-based manufacturer has now launched its M-iQ GreenEye technology® – a new, comprehensive and fully integrated concept for the dishwashing technology of the future. GreenEye technology® harnesses teamwork between people and machines to create synergies that produce striking results. An efficient system of signal lights makes the dishwashing process run more smoothly, offering the operating personnel dynamic guidance on how to make the best use of the machine's capacity and achieve maximum savings. The result is enhanced dishwashing performance and an entirely new dishwashing experience. 

All the information you need, whenever you need it –
everything starts with system diagnostics

As soon as the M-iQ is switched on and booted up, the GreenEye technology® begins a dialogue with the operator, with the dynamic process bar and status display clearly signalling that the machine's functions are fully operational. As well as communicating key process data, the display also draws the user's attention to any deviations or discrepancies, and the M-iQ continues to check all its systems and functions throughout the dishwashing process. That gives the machine operators all the information they need to plan the best time to begin each wash cycle. No other system on the market offers such consistent and reliable operation.  

Always on the right track with GreenCoach

Detect – react – evaluate – recommend – monitor. Those are the key principles of the intelligent GreenCoach system. What this means in practice is that the dishwasher detects gaps on the conveyor belt between dishware and between baskets. It responds by only activating the rinse function for specific sections of the belt where dishware has been detected – and it does this while monitoring up to three tracks simultaneously. All the gaps on the belt are evaluated with the utmost precision and with unparalleled levels of detail, enabling savings of up to 50 percent in both fresh water and rinse agent. A genuinely smart solution.
And that's not all: GreenEye technology® not only identifies gaps and adjusts performance accordingly, it also evaluates those gaps for the personnel working at the feed point and uses green lights to show them how to make optimum use of available track and belt capacity. For the first time this gives wash-up personnel the information they need to operate the machine at maximum efficiency. This new approach guarantees outstandingly economical and hygienic dishwashing results.

A whole new level of cleanliness with the GreenFilter

Meiko engineers have developed an innovative additional filter stage for the M-iQ known as the GreenFilter. This actively filters out even the tiniest particles of dirt. In combination with the three-stage M-iQ filter system, this results in a whole new level of cleanliness.
But as well as boosting cleanliness, the GreenFilter also offers an additional benefit by significantly reducing the consumption of fresh water. Measurements conducted with various different loads have revealed savings of at least 10 percent. And the same applies to detergent and rinse agent – the machine only injects the doses that are actually required at each particular point in time.

More of a manager than a machine

"The best way to describe the M-iQ is not as an innovative dishwashing machine, but as an actively resource-conscious dishwashing manager," says Johann Wagner, Product Manager at Meiko.
This conjures up an accurate picture, because M-iQ GreenEye technology® really does perform impressively complex tasks. It injects the exact doses of chemicals that are required at each moment in time, precisely tailored to variations in the speed of the conveyor belt and changing concentrations of dirt on the washware. GreenEye technology® reduces the cost of detergent and rinse agent to a minimum. And that also applies to the cost of the energy used by the system as a whole. 

Technology that throws a new light on the dishwashing process – keeping an eye on the big picture

The M-iQ with GreenEye technology® creates new synergies between people and machines. For the first time, transparent technology and active coaching with indicator lights enable the dishwashing process to be adjusted and optimised on a continuous basis. 

This smart technology marks a fundamental change in the nature of dishwashing. All the consumables – fresh water, detergent and rinse agent – are added to the process in precisely metered doses. So the machine only uses the resources it actually needs. The people and machines involved in the process work together smoothly as an optimum, highly efficient unit. Instead of simply recording information as a kind of 'black box', the dishwashing machine communicates with the operators as and when necessary. The result is maximum efficiency and optimum capacity utilization.
Yet the power of synergy extends even further, encompassing the entire wash-up area. The dovetailing of the operators and the M-iQ into a superbly efficient, self-contained unit takes the strain off kitchen managers, allowing them to focus entirely on their leadership duties. Less supervision is required, plus the wash-up area boosts its eco-friendly credentials.
GreenEye technology® never loses sight of the big picture – and it keeps everything under control. 

"We believe that GreenEye technology® can take us down a whole new path," says Meiko Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Stefan Scheringer. "Teamwork between people and machines allows us to tap into huge innovation potential for the future. And M-iQ GreenEye technology® is just the start." It would seem that the future of clean and economical dishwashing has only just begun. 

Captions: Dr Stefan Scheringer
"Meiko believes that people and machines can form a genuine team. This concept offers huge potential for new and innovative developments," says Dr.–Ing. Stefan Scheringer in regard to the new GreenEye technology®.

Captions: M-iQ GreenEye Technology®
Dishwashing evolution with M-iQ  
The M-iQ is a milestone in modern dishwashing technology, designed to create the perfect balance between maximum cleanliness, optimum efficiency and minimal resource consumption.

Meiko has spent more than 87 years shaping the development of modern dishwashing technology. The company specialises in dishwashing machines for commercial customers, ranging from undercounter appliances for the catering and restaurant trade to large-scale systems for airports such as the major contract signed recently for Dubai. MEIKO is a global company that employs over 1,100 people at its headquarters in Offenburg and a total of 2,000 in its operations worldwide. In 2013 the company generated sales of approximately 260 million euros.

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