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SPLASH! 01/2017

Zero food waste Effective sanitisation Impressive technical services

SPLASH! The perfect bake

SPLASH! Special bakery 2016/2017

The perfect bake From Moscow to Tokyo: Everyone loves Volker Gmeiner's delights It began at the Hamburg main station: the Le Crobag Story

SPLASH! Hospital and Care Home Issue 2015

M-iQ earns Euro 100,000 savings Innovative food waste handling Cooling the wash area

SPLASH! Canteens and Schools Issue 2015

Catering to the Web croud: brainfood at Google Double digit savings for Vattenfall So good, they installed it twice!

SPLASH! 2014/02

Cathay Pacific Catering Services chooses Meiko Kos Imperial Thalasso Hotel - It's all about water Meiko launches the 'GREEN EYE'


Certificate product safety medical device MEIKO TopLine - ISO 15883

EN ISO 15883


Certificate energy management - ISO 50001

ISO 50001:2011


Certificate environmental management - ISO 14001

ISO 14001:2004


Certificate occupational health and safety - BS OHSAS 18001

OHSAS 18001:2007


Certificate quality management medical devices - EC directive 93/42/EWG

EC directive 93/42/EWG