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Perfectly aligned with the processes in in-flight catering: MEIKO warewashing technology

Professional and competent advice from the first hours in the planning of your washing area

Downtimes on the ground are the most expensive time for airlines. The processes at the world's airports are therefore accelerated. Warewashing technology also has to be able to keep up here. Running times of 20 hours a day are therefore not a problem – MEIKO warewashing technology stands for the highest reliability and for extremely durable products. Burdens from energy, water and operating costs are manageable here since MEIKO sets standards for consumption thanks to heat recovers and German engineering skill. The same applies to hygiene, since we hold to the highest standards.

Overview of references

Gate Gourmet Catering, Santiago, Chile

MEIKO and Gate Gourmet have concluded a ‘Global Supply Contract for Dishwashing and Warewashing’. The advantages for Gate Gourmet Onboard Catering include fixed prices, easier and quicker dealings with contact partners, a central point of contact and time savings.

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Alpha LSG

One of the key issues for ALPHA LSG is having a fast response time – but a response from people who know the machines inside out as they should do! Another reason was that MEIKO flight-type machines are versatile and economical – and their reduced energy

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KLM Inflight Catering

First-Class level of the MEIKO Service creates perfect circumstances for the Inflight Catering

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