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Top class warewashing technology once again please: MEIKO

Quick at the task, efficient handling, sustainably in design: warewashing technology from MEIKO

Fast. Faster. Restaurants. Whether it's about customer satisfaction – or being an agenda-setter and picking up every trend: nowhere is the cycle rate higher than in the restaurant industry. This includes the field of warewashing. Opening a new branch tomorrow? Then you need the warewashing technology today. Rush hour for the buffet? There are enough plates available! Service emergency – when there isn't really one... if the outfit for the machine is still right (and everything should be right in a bar) – then a "MEIKO" can gladly be a regular. It looks good. It knows what is right. And it does what has to be done: be there. Function. Be perfect. Fast. Faster. MEIKO.

Overview of references

Urban Grub, Craft Brewed, 360 Grad Bistro

Edgar Pendley of Urban Grub, Chip DeVier of Craft Brewed, and Brett Allen of 360 Bistro share their unique experiences with the M-iCleans installed in their respective restaurants. All find the M-iClean to be an undercounter wonder!

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Rive Gauche at the Kulturhaus, Baden-Baden

A place where quality always comes first

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"Strauchs Falco" + "Hamburg im Süden", Hamburg

"Diners in our segment of the restaurant industry expect sparklingly clean glasses. So the M-iClean was the perfect choice, offering outstanding cleaning results , superb energy efficiency and an improved working environment" praises Tobias Strauch

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Landhaus Scherrer

"We wash hundreds of glasses a day with this quiet and innovative machine – from water and Burgunder glasses to champagne flutes – and we're very pleased with the results, even for delicate and expensive glassware."

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Bowcliffe Hall

Bowcliffe Hall: Only the windows need hand polishing at Bowcliffe Hall -- Meiko takes care of all the other glass!

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"We are a national chain but no matter where we operate and what quality the water, we have great warewashing results – and I certainly couldn’t say that about MEIKO’s competitors!” Vincenzo Rinaldi – head of maintenance for Carluccio’s

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The "Scheck-In" cooking factory, Achern

The maxim is simplicity

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