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Non-food catering needs perfection in the washing area: MEIKO!

MEIKO: warewashing technology specialist which is ideally positioned for the challenges in catering

When there is once again a lot of everything: lots of dirty plates, lots of delicate glasses, silver cutlery, everything that simply can't be stained, and transport baskets which need to be shrink-wrapped again immediately after washing... no problem! MEIKO warewashing technology is configured for precisely these scenarios! The washing is reliable and quick, without leaving anything to be desired in terms of hygiene. At the same time, you as a MEIKO customer can have absolute faith in the consumption information (chemicals, water, electricity). One of the main things, by the way: a perfect waste treatment process which allows food waste management to become an aside.

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Rental’s Unlimited

"The results we have seen after installing the M-iQ are almost impossible to believe. When I tell people the difference, I have seen they are a bit sceptical. When I think about what I am telling them I can understand their scepticism. "

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Allens catering equipment & furniture hire

“Wash quality is absolutely critical to us,” says Director Kevin McGuinness. “Our glassware must be sparkling. Previously we used a separate reverse osmosis water treatment system supplied by MEIKO but now the RO is built in and I have to say the results are superb."

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