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M-iQ Dishwashing Machine Cuts Running Costs in Half

Other manufacturers couldn't match the efficiency and lower running cost of the M-iQ

When MEIKO launched its new range of M-iQ flight and rack type dishwashing machines in 2010, it was determined to prove beyond all doubt that it had developed the most sustainable products on the market. One of the first people to put MEIKO’s claims to the test was Mike King, Bursar of Hampton School, Middlesex.

The school needed to replace its aging dishwashing system. With 1,200 students to feed, plus staff, lunch plates are recycled via the dishwasher two or three times each during the 90-minute meal service, so reliability and excellent wash quality were essential. “We can’t afford any down-time,” says King.

King initially approached one of MEIKO’s partners, a catering equipment distributor, for advice. They suggested evaluating the running costs of the school’s existing warewashing machine, which had been supplied and installed by another manufacturer some years ago, taking into consideration energy consumption, fresh water consumption, sewerage charges and chemical usage.

The running cost of the existing model came to around £7.35 per operating hour. This was calculated on the basis of the machine running for five hours a day, with 170 days of school attendance a year plus an additional 10 days a year for various events and functions, making a total of 180 days.

At just £3.72 per hour based on the same calculations and parameters, MEIKO’s M-iQ running costs are approximately half those of the existing machine, delivering annual savings in the region of £3,267, or some £32,670 over the projected 10 year machine life.

Even with a heat pump system included, the other manufacturer’s offer still couldn't match the efficiency and lower annual running cost of the MEIKO M-iQ machine.

“We are independent and able to choose what is best for us in the longer term,” says Mike King. “Even though this involved a higher initial outlay, it made financial sense to choose MEIKO.”

A successful solution: MEIKO’s M-iQ technology was the most sensible and cost-effective choice for Hampton School and its Bursar Mike King.


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