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Canteens –
Passion for large tasks: MEIKO in canteens and cafeterias

Where many people are fed, many dishes are needed: MEIKO delights in their wash ware

Mass caterings is trying to achieve the impossible: because many people want to eat! And at the same time economic circumstances have to be taken into account. Not to mention the topic of safety: nothing is possible without 100% cleanliness and hygiene! And make it snappy! 200 trays in the canteen are a question of minutes. Their cleanliness and hygienic safety demand answers – every few minutes! MEIKO warewashing technology in canteens and cafeterias means: hygiene, safety, process reliability and sustainability on a large scale. We know that. With 90 years of experience – and a love for perfection.

Overview of references

Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (German Cancer Research Centre), Heidelberg

"We wanted a flight type dishwashing machine which allows a high output to be achieved despite our limited space conditions. We found this with the MEIKO UPster. "

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City of London School, London, Great Britain

"The whole process was excellent, MEIKO handled it all, from the initial quote to installation, training, the spot check after it had been running for a week... They are on the end of the phone if I need them; I could not say better!”

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Canford School, Wimborne, Dorset, GB

“We would have liked to have a flight machine but were restricted to the existing space. However, the rack machine ticks all the boxes in terms of ease of use and wash quality – it handles all the dishes and trays."

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Vattenfall GmbH, Hamburg

"This technology offers us the potential to achieve additional double-digit savings… The M-iQ with GreenEye technology® really is the ultimate in dishwashing excellence."

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TÜV Rhineland, Cologne

"MEIKO's M-iQ dishwashing machines run like a reliable, beautifully engineered car. And we've also taken a giant leap forward in reducing background noise. The machines are very quiet, which greatly improves the whole workplace atmosphere. "

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Studentenwerk Universität Aachen

Operations Manager Dennis Schaltinat is confident that his systems can handle the logistical complexity and workload: "Our new MEIKO dishwashers are perfectly capable of coping, even though they currently have to run continuously through to about 8 PM."

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Mount Pilatus, Switzerland

"Buying this new machine has enabled us to save around 10,000 litres of water a year. The M-iQ washes some 1,200 place settings a day – it does an amazing job for such a compact system,” said Urs Jenny.

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University of Minnesota, USA

“I like the machine’s adjustable belt speeds and especially the manual cleaning parts that are clearly marked in blue. Since the curtains can only be hung in the correct place, the staff can’t mistakenly put them back in the wrong spot, which happens often on our non-MEIKO machines."

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Vodafone GmbH, Düsseldorf

The most complex part was the conveyor technology used to transport dirty dishware from the tray return point to the wash-up area. The conveyor technology is highly sophisticated, using both horizontal and vertical conveyors to take the ware straight to the wash-up area.

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Spiegel Verlag, Hamburg

"In terms of getting cutting-edge technology and minimizing the consumption of energy, water and detergent, we really went for the Ferrari of the warewashing world! The investment has really paid off and the dishwashing results are outstanding."

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Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

"The reason they chose MEIKO was to lower their running costs, save water, electricity and chemicals. The wash room environment is also more comfortable and more labour efficient.” explains the MEIKO China Sales Manager.

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Seiyo Food-Compass Group Inc., Tokyo, Japan

Mr. Watanabe, Seiyo-Food Compass Group Manager, adds "As a result (of the new M-iQ), we can now close the door of the dishwashing room and, even after doing so, the area is cool and operation is comfortable. Further, the operational cost has been kept within budget."

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Hampton School

"Even with a heat pump system included, the other manufacturer’s offer still couldn't match the efficiency and lower annual running cost of the MEIKO M-iQ machine." explains Mike King, Bursar of Hampton School, Middlesex.

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École Polytechnique

“The solutions developed by MEIKO enabled us to automate part of the dishwashing and stacking operations. This had increased the efficiency of our restaurant staff, improved their working conditions and enhanced the quality of service we offer to our customers. "

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Total turnkey project for Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle

Large school receives complete dishwash refurbishment…and more!

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