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The right solution for every industry: MEIKO fits exactly!

Why we take your challenges seriously – and how we meet them successfully

What do a wine glass, a baker's transportation crate, a plate for catering on an Airbus, a bedpan and a breathing apparatus for a fireman have in common? They are all prepared perfectly hygienically with MEIKO technology! There is a certain amount of experience involved in such a range of services – as well as great attentiveness to the individual customers. And, of course, a passion for innovation. MEIKO devices wash, clean and disinfect. Always in a very special way – namely exactly as our customers require. One might need a gently line for tough dirt which is complemented by a waste treatment concept. Another needs nozzles in their device which can take strong action against dangerous hospital germs. And for breathing apparatus, we put them under pressure. Whatever is needed to meet your objectives. Because your goals are our goals: achieving a clean result quickly, efficiently, reliably and with reasonable cost structures.


In a five-star hotel in Singapore, food waste becomes garden soil – because sustainability is one of the biggest themes in the hospitality industry. MEIKO technology is sustainable – to the pleasure of your guests!

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Restaurants & MEIKO: one is unthinkable without the other – at least when it comes to warewashing. Quick, efficient, excellent design: this is warewashing technology at its best!

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Mass catering is complex! MEIKO warewashing technology isn't. It simply ensures clean dishes: quick, hygienically impeccable and under the best working conditions!

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Bakers & confectioners

Economical, flexible, hygienically reliable and state-of-the-art: this is warewashing technology from MEIKO for the needs of bakeries & patisseries.

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Food Industry

Whether it's large containers, baskets, pots or "small dishes": in the food industry warewashing technology has to provide high performance – with low consumption. MEIKO provides it – with exceptionally low operating costs.

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On the seas of the world, this applies: less is more! Less water, fewer chemicals and less energy consumption while still offering outstanding levels of hygiene. This is all guaranteed with warewashing technology from MEIKO!

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First comes the breakdown of costs, then the perfect technology: MEIKO offers solutions at the highest level when it comes to warewashing technology in in-flight catering!

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Whether it's OP shoes, patient dishes or care utensils, or even children's toys, they're safely cleaned in the blink of an eye with the sophisticated technology from MEIKO.

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Nursing and Care Homes

Cleaning and disinfection devices as well as warewashing technology from MEIKO in all areas in retirement and nursing homes make for happy staff and reliable processes. For the benefit of your patients and residents as well!

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MEIKO machines are used 24/7/365 in catering – no problem! The highest reliability thanks to durable products, all accompanied by a first class service concept: you do the catering and our technology takes care of the rest.

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